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19 januari 2023 08:00-09:00Loungen, Hus 2, Uppsala Business Park

Short Speech

Armel Grimault
Communication worker (open to any idea for a job tittle that neither sound pretentious nor ridiculous :-)

Sell to the world’s most skeptical audience

Scientists, behind the stereotypes, are a skeptical audiences that requires a different approach when being marketed to.

Get insights about the scientists' buying journey, how they think and approach purchases. Learn how to build an effective content-centric marketing model to create successful marketing campaigns.

Armel Grimault

After several years at GE Healthcare Life Science Uppsala, Armel has been working at the creative agency Phosworks for the last 8 years focusing on communication strategy and campaigns. Prior to that he has had different marketing roles in London and Brussles.

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Community Breakfast

The focus of our Community Breakfast is networking. Eat a good breakfast and mingle with colleagues from other companies and organizations. On the breakfast will also have the opportunity to listen to a short presentation by one of our tenants or partners.  This time we have invited Armel Grimault  from Phosworks, a partner of Uppsala Business Park. 

The breakfast is free and open to everyone both inside and outside Uppsala Business Park. Take the opportunity to network and exchange knowledge and contact!


08:00 Breakfast with networking

08:30 Short presentation

08:40 Question time and continued networking

09:00 Finish

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Be sure to sign up in time to ensure a great networking opportunity with a short speech and a good breakfast. 

If you are situated inside the park and want to come spontaneously to the speech at 08:30 you do not need to register but can just show up.

If you are located outside the park, you need to register to get passage via the guard. The breakfast is located in the Lounge right by Restaurant Morellen in House 2. You can see how to get here on the map.

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