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10 november 2022 08:00-09:00Loungen, Hus 2, Uppsala Business Park

Short speech

Jonathan Royce
CEO, Bio-Works

How the opportunities and challenge of diversifying molecular structures may impact your industry

The molecular structures used in biotechnology are diversifying rapidly at both ends of the complexity spectrum. This diversification will present new challenges for drug developers, tools suppliers and for the design of future production facilities. We’ll discuss briefly what is driving this diversification, and how it may impact our industry in the short and medium term.

Jonathan Royce

Jonathan has worked for over 20 years in companies big and small in the life sciences sector, with a focus on bioproduction. Today, he is CEO at Bio-Works, a fast growing company which produces chromatography resins—a raw material used in the purification of biomolecules.

Jonathan holds a Masters’ degree in chemical engineering but these days his focus is on leadership, equality, diversity and sustainability. Diversity usually is a topic focused on people—but it can also be analyzed at the molecular level. In his free time, Jonathan can most often be found outdoors, sometimes with his family but always with his dog, Charlie. He is also a beekeeper and loves cooking.

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Community Breakfast

Eat a good breakfast and mingle with colleagues from other companies and organizations. You will also have the opportunity to listen to a short presentation by Jonathan Royce, CEO of Bio- Works, situated in Uppsala Business Park. The breakfast is free and open to everyone both inside and outside Uppsala Business Park.

Take the opportunity to network and exchange knowledge and contact!


08:00 Breakfast with networking

08:30 Short presentation

08:40 Question time and continued networking

09:00 Finish

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