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23 november 2023 08:00-09:00Loungen, Hus 2, Uppsala Business Park

Short Speech

Denys Shevchenko
CEO, Copper Lavender

From a CO2-derived fragrance to the fossil-free chemical industry

  • Sustainable perfumery: How Copper Lavender transforms CO2 into fragrances
  • Circular chemistry: Shaping industries by ditching fossil resources for CO2
  • Vision for sustainability: Revolutionizing the chemical industry, step by step

Denys Shevchenko

Discover Copper Lavender, a company that specializes in crafting perfumes from recycled carbon dioxide. Denys works as an Analytical Chemist at Recipharm OT Chemistry in Uppsala Business Park. At the same time, he is the founder of Copper Lavender, a startup initially focused on creating perfumes from recycled CO2. However, his vision extends beyond just fragrances. He aims to revolutionize the chemical industry by promoting a circular economy where CO2 serves as the primary feedstock, thereby eliminating the need for fossil resources.

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