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21 mars 08:00-09:00Loungen, Hus 2, Uppsala Business Park

Short speech

Soheil Saadatmand
Senior Project Manager, Afry

Emotional Intelligence in Project Leadership

  • Elevate project leadership through a focus on Emotional Intelligence (EI), enhancing communication, relationship building, and conflict resolution
  • Navigate the dynamic project landscape with adaptability and resilience, recognizing the crucial role EI plays in addressing uncertainties
  • Prioritize motivation and team engagement, cultivating a positive work culture that propels individual and collective growth, ensuring a focused and committed team for successful project outcomes

Soheil Saadatmand

Soheil has extensive experience in leading projects in different industries. He is now serving as a senior project manager at AFRY. He holds a PhD in polymer science as well as an MBA. His passion lies in fostering motivational leadership within project environments.

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Community Breakfast

Eat a good breakfast and mingle with colleagues from other companies and organizations. You will also have the opportunity to listen to a short presentation. The breakfast is free and open to everyone both inside and outside Uppsala Business Park.

Take the opportunity to network and exchange knowledge and contact!


08:00 Breakfast with networking

08:30 Short presentation

08:40 Question time and continued networking

09:00 Finish

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Be sure to sign up in time to ensure a great networking opportunity with a short speech and a good breakfast.

If you are situated inside the park and want to come spontaneously to the speech at 08:30 you do not need to register but can just show up. If you are located outside the park, you need to register to get passage via the guard.

The breakfast is located in the Lounge right by Restaurant Morellen in House 2. You can see how to get here on the map.

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